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中文关键词:BJS54  XAS80  CGCS2000  坐标转换  图幅拼接
Analysis of Conversion Method and Map Merging from BJS54 XA80 Surveying and Mapping Results to CGCS2000
Abstract:Most mapping products in our country use Beijing 54 (BJS54) and Xian 80 (XAS80) coordinate systems.Due to using different ellipsoidal parameters,the coordinate values of the same point will be different when they turn to CGCS2000 in different coordinate systems,which will effect the mapping division.What’s more,because of the huge mapping products data, wide range of areas,the different projection parameters,and the unified measuring scale,all of these could make the work harder.This paper made a comparison analysis of the various methods when data turn to CGCS2000 in Beijing 54 (BJS54) and Xian 80 (XAS80) coordinate systems referring to usual coordinate transformation models commonly used current and key technology of splitting map as same as the related experimental results and the experimental data,and points out the applicable situations of the various methods.The author hopes this article could offer some help to the research of geological results turning to CGCS2000 coordinate transformation.
keywords:BJS54,XAS80,CGCS2000,Conversion  Method, Map  Merging
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